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SPRING Into Better Healing with a Holistic Approach to Health

Does anyone else notice how warmer weather and sunshine suddenly brings out more smiles, extra energy, and happier days after a long winter? I think we sometimes forget how our environment can influence everything from our mood and energy level to how social and friendly we are with other people. These factors along with our environment also play a role in our health and well-being. In holistic health, we have to take a step back and recognize that health is complex… people are complex, and that in order to truly improve our health we need to actually change our lifestyle. A “swimsuit-ready body” may be a motivating goal for someone, but in order to elevate our life and our health we need to change our mind-set, establish better habits, and treat root-causes.

A Shift in Mind-Set

Most people have a great deal of control over their health, because a lot of our health is determined by the cumulative burden of stressors on our mind, body, and spirit. That can be both liberating as well as scary! The decisions we make every day affect whether we are adding stress and harming our health or supporting our health. Creating a “health mindset” helps us make lasting changes in our lifestyle.

Creating Better Habits This Spring

Whether we are working on our “spring bod” or training for marathon, success requires action. Now that we have a “health mind-set”, we can identify areas that may be harming our health. This means choosing to eat healthy foods loaded with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and phytonutrients and limiting pro-inflammatory foods. It includes getting daily exercise, prioritizing sleep, using mental health strategies, and being proactive with our health. Identify the area that needs the most work and start there.

Treating the ‘Root-Cause’ of Health Problems

When health problems do arise, it is helpful to remember that our body is always working behind the scenes to heal and keep things running smoothly. We should focus extra attention on supporting our body, removing stressors, and identify any weaknesses that could use more support. At Power of Life, we use techniques including Holistic Chiropractic care and Nutrition Response Testing to remove potential barriers to healing and promote normal function. We have the privilege of working with people of all ages and all stages of health. Everyone can benefit from improving their lifestyle and everyone can benefit from better health. We would be honored to work with you and your family toward better health and a more vibrant life.

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