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Payment Options

We believe that everyone deserves high-quality, holistic, and affordable care. To best serve our community and practice members, we have chosen to create affordable care plans and be out-of-network with most insurance plans. We believe this allows us to focus on YOU and YOUR health rather than be restricted by what insurance companies dictate.

How can I pay for care?

We accept Health Saving Accounts (HSA), Flex-spending accounts, credit cards, check, and cash. 

We also accept Personal Injury (PI) insurance after a car accident and Workers Compensation insurance. 

How much care do I need?

At Power of Life, we understand and recognize that everyone is different and is in a different place when it comes to their health. After the initial exam in our clinic we will put together a care plan designed to address any health issues (which varies person -to -person) with the total cost of care and estimated time-frame included. 


Our promise is that we will NEVER waste your time or money.

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