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(referring to 2 young sons ages 7 and 13) Before coming to Power of Life: Unable to focus. Hyperactivity and anxiety. Since starting care: Much more calm and able to focus on school work. Not anxious when there is change. They are able to enjoy activities with family and friends and enjoy new experiences. Each plan was individualized for the boys that has allowed them to make great improvements in the areas they struggled.

Monica S.

Before I used to feel really bad where I was like a cliché; a middle -age, overweight housewife. I have definitely improved. Being on a nutrition program really makes a difference! I feel less sluggish, I want to do more, lose weight exercise and now I feel good enough to do those things.

Katie V.

Before coming to Power of Life I was suffering from anxiety and insomnia. I was taking medication for both. I was also experiencing early menopause symptoms: extreme hot flashes and night sweats. I was overweight and did not have a healthy diet. The changes once I started with Power of Life have been incredible. Only After 4 months of adjustments and nutrition response testing, I have been able to stop taking my medication. I am free of anxiety and insomnia plus lost weight and feel great! She has changed my quality of life and my family’s too! I would highly recommend Dr. Kandace to anyone interested in making healthier choices and living a healthier life.

L. B.

Before I came to Power of Life I got sick very easily with colds and the flu. I ate very un-healthy and had a hard time sleeping and frequently had insomnia and sugar cravings. After starting Nutrition Response Testing I changed my diet to be mostly organic and high protein and fat with lots of vegetable and fruit. I feel so much better and sleep well at night. I have lots of energy throughout the day and I love that I get a good night sleep and feel rested and great every morning! Thank you Doctor Kandace for helping me get my life back! God has brought you into my life to help my family live a longer healthier life! What a blessing you are to us!

Joni C.

I was suffering from constipation and 1 -2 times a month episodes of intense stomach cramping for 6 – 8 hour duration (equivalent to labor pains!) Episode would subside after vomiting up stomach contents which were not digested. For the last 4 months I haven’t had any episodes and I recently stopped taking my prescription strength Prevacid. I no longer need to take off work because of episodes or miss social occasions. I feel better, sleep better and I’m less foggy. IT WORKS!

Janaan H.

I was having extremely loose bowel movements all the time, I never really knew when I would have to go. Once I started the Nutrition Response I have had solid bowel movements basically the whole time and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. If there is something that others can’t figure out or you want to better yourself, give this a try.

Ryan R.

I felt overwhelmed by my future decisions and the weight loss I needed to lose. My resting hear rate was high and I was out of breath with just a little exercise. I am now more focused and I have peace about my future. My heart rate is much better and I feel stronger, healthier and I have more energy.

Gail C.

I was very tired and always hungry. I would eat and never be satisfied. I was also on an anti-depressant/ anxiety meds. Today, 7 weeks later I am off my medication and I am also feeling more energy and am not craving sweets as much. I’m finally starting to feeling more like myself!

Linda O.

I felt stuck and hopeless in many situations in my life. I was tired most of the time, and unmotivated to try to make any changes. I was unhappy with my weight and my body image. (AFTER BEGINNING CARE)  I know I have the power to change many things in my life. I have more energy and willpower. I have lost weight and feel great about the progress I have made and know I can keep making healthy changes.

Debbie F.

I have experienced significant improvement in my overall health, as well as, reduction and elimination of aches and pains, and elimination of medications, including cholesterol medication, since I began seeing Dr. Kandace Johnson. What a great feeling for being over 50!

J.J., Victoria

After a car accident years ago, my senses gradually dulled and my energy level and patience deteriorated. Previous chiropractors were too rough with their adjustments. Dr. Kandace has a very gentle approach. I noticed a difference immediately at Power of Life. After each visit I feel better and better. I would definitely recommend that others come here.

K.T., Victoria

Success Story: 13 year old boy diagnosed at age 6 with ADD and prescribed Ritalin. The parent elected to remove the medication and add Chiropractic and tutoring. The next semester, he achieved a full grade higher in five of his seven subjects and made the honor roll.

M.T., Minnetonka

I have had back pain since 1996. I saw 11 different medical doctors for a work comp case. Half of them said I needed surgery and the other half said there was nothing they could do. The company I worked for even told me I could not see a chiropractor! I met Dr. Kandace at my health club and decided to come see her at Power of Life. I experienced improvement within 3-4 weeks. I have recommended others to come here as well!

P.L., Eden Prairie

It’s true! My son has been drug free (ADHD) for one year. Before we met Dr. Kandace, he struggled with weight loss, horrible appetites, and roller coaster emotions. Her suggestions on better nutrition, and regular adjustments have produced amazing results.

A.S., Chaska

I had stomach problems, headaches, and overall poor health. I am now off all meds, feel much better, and my life has improved. It feels great to be off meds and feel normal and free. Thanks Dr. Kandace!

K.J., Victoria

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