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Cleanse Program

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Dr. Kandace Johnson - Victoria Chiropractor

Dr. Kandace Johnson

Chiropractor & Nutritionist

Purification is cleansing and detoxifying the body. Think of it as “spring cleaning” for your insides.  Join us as we journey together to support, nurture, detoxify and purify our bodies.

With a background that includes Advanced Clinical Training in Nutrition Response TestingDr. Kandace Johnson has a passion for helping others live well.  Experience the healing power of whole foods on a three week journey with professional guidance, support and encouragement.  Go beyond the everyday.  Be challenged.  Enjoy simplicity.  Seek wellness in reward.

The Standard Process 21 Day Purification is not a diet; it is a program that helps you learn to live a healthier life by purifying, nourishing and maintaining a healthy body.

Ideas to help you prepare for the Purification Program

Setting up for success:Costco carries a large container of organic coconut oil. Otherwise purchase a couple of jars from your favorite grocery store. Be sure to purchase an organic, unrefined oil and also check the expiration date. You can use coconut oil for sautéing, in shakes, and even blended into tea for a rich and frothy mug of tea that feels like a treat! (use common sense caution when blending hot liquids, please)

Purchase avocados that are ready-to-eat ripe on day one and a few extra that will ripen in the coming days so that you always have ripe avocado on hand. Avocado is very satisfying in salads (use ¼ of an avocado in your salad!) and can add a rich, creaminess to smoothies as well. The flavor is undetectable in a smoothie.

Prepare a batch of brown lentils as well as a batch of brown rice. You may enjoy ½ c. serving (of one or the other, not both) each day. Try sautéing rice with vegetables for something hearty and a little more “meaty”.  OR–skip this step and purchase precooked, vacuumed packed lentils in the refrigerated section (with produce) at Trader Joe’s.  It is so fantastic to have these ready to be tossed into soups or salads for a more hearty feel.

Roast a pan of vegetables such as zucchini, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and eggplant. Use whatever combination of veggies that YOU get excited about.

Bake four or five small sweet potatoes at a time and store them in the fridge. Warm up ½ sweet potato to manage a carb craving or eat as a rich treat. Enjoy with butter and sea salt or cinnamon (or both!).

Wash, chop and store a variety of vegetables to grab for snacking or toss together for quick salads. Having your food prepared and ready to go will prevent you from grabbing something outside of the program when you get too hungry or run out of time.

Make a big pot of lentil vegetable soup (using organic vegetable broth) for something warm and comforting to accompany salads. You can use an immersion blender to puree only some of the soup for more creaminess, or leave it chunky and rustic.


Tips & Reminders

Make sure you get at least two SP Complete + Whole Food Fiber shakes each day. You may add a few drops of liquid Stevia (Vanilla Crème & English Toffee are favorites). Adding a handful of baby spinach to your shakes is a fantastic way to sneak in more greens.

Low sugar fruits, such as berries and grapefruit, are great in salads! Try snacking on frozen berries.

You can enjoy butter, unrefined coconut oil and high quality, unrefined olive oil on the cleanse as well as sea salt along with fresh or dried herbs to add excitement to your meals.

Sauté chopped apples in a little coconut oil and cinnamon until softened, stir in a splash of coconut milk or a dab of butter and sprinkle with shredded coconut!

Drink half of your body weight, in ounces, of water each day. Sometimes thirst can be misinterpreted as hunger.

Consider taking a detoxification bath using Epsom salt and essential oils, especially in the first three to five days of the program. Hot baths (100*-104*) eliminate body toxins and muscle soreness.  Three natural detox bath recipes found here.

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