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Why I Get Adjusted EVERY Week (and the benefits I've experienced since I started).

If you've read any of my previous blogs than you may know that chiropractic first helped me with some bedwetting issues as a kid and then again with tension headaches in high school and college, but it wasn't until chiropractic school that I started a chiropractic regimen of a one per week adjustment, regardless of whether or not I was experiencing any symptoms. You see, prior to learning more about the human body and chiropractic care, no one ever TOLD me how important chiropractic care is to a healthy functioning nervous system and how that can affect overall health. The improvements in my overall health that I experienced is the reason I still get adjusted weekly 7 years later. Here's what I noticed...

Better Mood, less anxiety

I didn't really realize how "moody" I was until I wasn't. Mood is a reflection of a ton of different components including mental state, overall comfort, sleep, focus, etc.. I historically experienced a lot of "ups and downs" which I just assumed was normal, but looking back I realize how hard it was on my mental health and overall routine.

Better Digestion, less upset

This is one of the most common "side-effects" of adjustments. Sitting causes nerve irritation in the lower spine which can cause digestive dysfunction. I noticed a HUGE improvement in digestion including more consistent bowel movements and less bloating.

Better Immune Function, fewer colds and improved allergies

I've long been an allergy sufferer with frequent sinus infections, clogged ears, and colds (see more here). I'd say those symptoms improved 80% when I started getting adjusted regularly. Diet also plays a key role in year-round allergy issues.

Better Flexibility, no more headaches and back pain

I went from a few minor to moderate headaches a week to virtually none (<5 small per year) and frequent lower back discomfort to rare discomfort.

Everything Else, overall better health

The majority of processes in our body occur without us even being aware of them. The above things are just what I NOTICED happening. No doubt many internal reactions and systems are also working better as a result of improved nerve function from chiropractic adjustments.

Interested in seeing how regular chiropractic can help you? Schedule an appointment to learn what an appropriate adjustment schedule is for you and your family.

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