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Understanding the Incredible Value of Chiropractic Care: by Dr. Nathan Servey, your Victoria, MN Pri

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

When it comes to leaving the "sick care" model of health and entering the world of TRUE health and TRUE healing, there are usually two major obstacles that people face. The first obstacle is MONEY. The second obstacle is PROCRASTINATION. So today, I want to focus on that first obstacle by talking a little bit about the incredible VALUE of principled chiropractic care and why it MUST be a priority for you and your family.

Above is an objective assessment measuring nervous system activity and function. We use space-certified, NASA published technology called infrared thermography to get an exact assessment of nerve problems which are affecting your health. Most chiropractors don't do this because they are focusing just on pain, not nerve function. That's what makes principled chiropractic different (and better). OK... so how does that affect me?

Our body is made-up of many systems... our immune system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system, digestive system, etc. But there is ONE system controlling ALL the other systems. You guessed it... the Nervous System! Are you beginning to understand how important it is?

On page 4. of my copy of Gray's Anatomy (considered by many to be the "Gold Standard" of human anatomy) it says that the nervous system "controls and coordinates all organs and all structures in the human body". Wow. That means that a problem with your nervous system could affect any organ or any structure... your heart, lungs, colon, brain, ovaries, kidneys, muscles, skin, the list goes on.

We get our blood pressure checked, we get our eyes checked, we get our teeth checked (and pay a lot of money to do so), but WHEN was the last time you had your nervous system objectively checked... the system that controls everything else? And people wonder why our communities are so sick...

The nervous system consists of our brain, spinal cord, and a bunch of nerves that connect our entire body. Misalignments in the spine called subluxations (literally meaning "less light") results in nerve interference and miscommunication which causes health problems. Principled chiropractors seek to remove these subluxations and improve nerve health, allowing your body to heal.

Here's another scan. Another mom who's nervous system is functioning better because of principled chiropractic care and whose health is improved because HER BODY can communicate and coordinate more effectively. Better sleep, less stress, less pain, more energy, better digestion, the list of common "side-effects" goes on. That's what TRUE health and healing looks like. That means less sick days, more productivity, less urgent visits to the medical doctor for drugs, and ultimately better results and less medical costs. Principled chiropractic is an excellent investment and it must be a priority!

That leaves the second major obstacle before starting chiropractic care... procrastination. I get it, "people are hectically busy, schedules are chaotic, life is nuts". Well, those are also all the reasons why chiropractic is so important. So just START. Schedule your nervous system scans for you and your family right now. Like... now. It takes 60-seconds and it will change your lives.

Call 952-443-9000 and ask to schedule a nervous system scan to get started.

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