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Top 7- Benefits of Proactive Health Care

  1. Feeling comfortable and at-ease in your body. Have you ever heard someone off-handedly tell you that they have their "normal" headache that they get 5x/week or that their low back has hurt "for the past 15 years"? You can't put a price on when our bodies feel "good" and move and function well.

  2. Being productive. A healthy body has energy, motivation, and the ability to perform necessary tasks to get things done.

  3. Less illness. Two-thirds of chronic illness is driven by lifestyle factors.

  4. Doing what you want to do. Playing golf with friends. Spending quality time with family. Lifting weights or running. Holding the grandkids. Walking the dog. Keeping your body healthy is essential for all these.

  5. Finding Joy. We all know happiness is a mind-set, but it's certainly easier when our physical bodies are healthy. There is a very strong link between physical and mental health.

  6. Helping others. In order to help others, you first have to help yourself. When you're healthy, you are better able to care for children, pets, a spouse, a loved one, or a cause or charity.

  7. Keeping your freedom. It always amazes me to see how differently people can age. Some 70 year old people are very active socially and physically, while others are extremely limited or isolated. Taking care of yourself today (and everyday) is essential for prolonging vital living.

Where to Start: Check out some of my other blog posts for more content on healthy living including diet and nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management. You will also find resources regarding holistic chiropractic care and nutrition response testing which are proactive health care options to keep you and your family healthy.

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