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Showing Love to Yourself: Self-care and Holistic Health

It may sound cliché, but having compassion and loving others first starts with having compassion and loving yourself. People who are kind and gentle with themselves are kinder and gentler with others. Likewise, people whom are harsh and critical of themselves often project those emotions on people and things around them. Self-care is all about creating space and routine for caring for and working on yourself. This can have positive outcomes on your health and the health of those around you. Here are a few “self-care tips” that I recommend.

Walk Outside with Friends

Being outside in nature has been shown to have numerous benefits on our mental health including reduced stress and better sleep. Walking is an awesome form of exercise and helps keep our brain, heart, and bones healthy. Having a strong social circle is linked to longer life and a higher quality of life. Create a regular walking routine with family, neighbors, and friends.

Take Time to Reflect

Carving out quiet, alone time can be tough…but it’s important. Everyone needs time to recharge, process, and reflect in a safe environment. This should be a time where we process emotions and stress without judgement on ourselves. I recommend meditating, using affirmations, praying, or journaling as tools to help with this.

Do Something New

Routine is important and can be a “life hack” for a lot of things, however it can also limit new opportunities. Mix it up! Doing new things helps keep us engaged in life, inspired, and connected. Here are a few ideas: start yoga, get into plants and gardening, travel, read a book about an interesting subject, start a side-hustle, get a pet, take a class, learn a new language, or try cooking.

Holistic health recognizes that self-care is important for healthy, vital living. At Power of Life, we educate our patients on self-care while also supporting them with holistic chiropractic care and nutrition. If you are interested in learning more, give us a call! 952-443-9000.

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