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My Top-5 Favorite Daily Hacks To Level-Up Health

My goal is to empower you to create the kind of health that you want. As a kid who spent a lot of time being sick and in-and-out of hospitals, taking control of my health has long been a passion of mine. What I have learned in my personal life, is that it’s the daily consistency in my habits and routines that really allow me to think, feel, and function in a way that feels in alignment with what I want out of life. In this issue, I am sharing some of what I find helpful in my daily life in the hopes that you can experiment and incorporate pieces into your daily life that help you as well!

1.) Walk, ideally outside

Walking is an under-rated activity. It’s helpful for every system in your body. It’s also a great time to reflect, count your blessings, appreciate nature, listen to music, or chat with a loved-one. Sure, I lift weights and do other forms of exercise throughout the week as well, but I still prioritize my 15-minute walk. In the summer, I try and get outside in the sunshine. In the winter, I do my best to walk outside but sometimes settle for the treadmill or walking indoors.

2.) Meditate/Breathe/Connect

Chronic stress is a condition for most people that negatively impacts their health. I struggle with it as well. Stress engages the fight-or-flight part of our nervous system which literally “rewires” our neuro-pathways. Scheduling 15-minutes to be still and quiet can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Sometimes I lay on the floor and focus on deep breathing. Sometimes I clear my thoughts. Sometimes I call a good friend who always “fills me up”. Find what works for you and do it.

3.) Make A Shake

Listen, a healthy diet is part NOT-eating “bad” stuff and part EATING “good” stuff. Having a smoothie for a meal (or snack like me) is a great way to get a TON of nutrition while also hopefully replacing any less healthy foods. Here is the shake I make every day. Start with 2-cups of water in a blender. Add 1-serving chocolate protein powder (avoid ones with added sugars). Add one handful organic spinach, one banana, and ½ cup organic blueberries. I also add 1-serving unflavored collagen powder, ¼ cup 100% cocoa powder, and 2 tbsp ground flax seed.

4.) Help someone, intentionally

I remember listening to a podcast a few years ago and hearing one of the speakers talk about setting an intention every day to help at least one person. He said if he forgot during the day he would “find a way to help someone” before he went to bed. Isn’t that just an amazing way to live your life? I thought so! This is something I have just recently started doing and I notice feeling more connected with people and having a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. Give it a try!

5.) Plan your Sleep

Sleep is important! I understand we all have different schedules and responsibilities, but prioritize sleep. Sleep is NOT “lost time” but rather “healing time”. Plan your sleep. Protect your bedtime. Make room for naps. Your future self with thank you!

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