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Health ASSURANCE vs. Health insurance: Dr. Nathan Servey DC, Victoria MN Neurologically-based Chirop

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

The #1 BIGGEST thing people can do for their health (and their family's health) is to make the switch from being REactive to being PROactive. Let's be real... the majority of people take their health for granted and they don't pay much attention to it until something comes along that prevents them from enjoying and living their life. It can come as pain, injury, a disease diagnosis, or a life-threatening event. Unfortunately, at that point, the underlying cause of the problem has likely been around for years or decades and is MUCH harder to try and correct requiring more invasive measures, more financial cost, and much more time... often with worse outcomes than PREVENTING the condition in the first place.

Let's use the analogy of a car. The most cool, desirable, expensive car ever (after-all, what's your body and health worth?). You have car insurance on the car (of course) in the event that someone rear-ends you at a stoplight or some crazy-thing happens resulting in some major damage. Insurance is important to have, but hopefully you will never have to use it. It's REactive.

Everything else you do to take care of your car is 'car assurance'. Things like getting the oil changed, keeping the car clean, changing the tires, parking in the garage, even things like not driving on certain roads or avoiding driving at night. All these things help assure that your car lasts and runs as best and as long as possible. 'Car assurance' also helps decrease the likelihood of having to use your car insurance.

In my life, health assurance means seeing my chiropractor (Dr. Kandace) every week to keep my nervous system healthy, eating well, exercising, fostering supportive relationships, and making time for fun. Because I do these things consistently I not only feel, look, and live better, but also save time, energy, and money by avoiding more costly visits for REactive care.

To start being PROactive when it comes to you and your family's health, call 952-443-9000 and schedule a chiropractic intake. Our neurologically-based adjustments help to keep you and your family happy, healthy, and living your best life!

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