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Give the Gift of Health Confidence this Holiday Season- Dr. Nathan Servey, Neurologically-based Chir

If you’ve ever been diagnosed with a serious illness or had a significant health problem arise, you know how it feels to NOT have confidence in your health. It feels like you have no control, no say in what happens to you. Suddenly, your life revolves around your health, whether you’re able to work or go to school, able to keep your vacation plans next month, even able to do basic daily activities. It’s not a great place to be.

Even if you are relatively healthy, you can still lack health confidence. Are you constantly worried about getting sick or ‘catching a cold’? Maybe you’re bouncing from injury-to-injury or always dealing with some sort of “health crisis”. I think we all know people like this! How much better would you feel if you were confident in your health and your body’s ability to remain healthy?

Our bodies want to be healthy and they take action every second to do so! Our bodies regulate, heal, grow, and adapt all the time without us knowing about it. Every year we make new discoveries about how incredibly smart and powerful our bodies truly are… which is why YOU are the best healer there is. Rather than try and “outsmart” the human body’s innate intelligence, we support and enable it to create real change and improvement toward genuine health. In our clinic, we Neurologically-based Chiropractic and Nutrition Response Testing as vehicles for natural health and healing.

Let me share a story of a recent practice member in our clinic… let’s call her Jill. Jill came-in for low-back, hip, and sciatic pain. She also had a history of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and heart arrythmias. We scanned her using our infrared thermography technology and found nerve interference in the nerves going to her heart as well as digestive organs. We recommended a series of specific, scientific adjustments over the course of several months. After her first month of care, not only had her pain drastically improved, but she reported significant improvements in her digestion and heart arrythmias… all with just adding our adjustments! Her medical doctor even OK’d her to lower the amount of digestive and heart medication she was taking. Wow. That’s what true health and healing looks like.

This holiday season, think about your priorities. For most people, when they aren’t in pain or serious illness, health is a low-priority. When something goes wrong, it jumps to the top of the list. I encourage you to take action today (and everyday) to make you and your family’s health a top-priority. Call 952.443.9000 to get started.

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