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Why Athletes (of all Ages) Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care

Did you know most professional sports teams, Olympic athletes, long distance runners, and other top tier athletes use chiropractic care to recover and keep themselves healthy? That's because high intensity exercise day-after-day creates stress on (and inside) your body. This stress over time can lead to injury, burnout, or other health problems. Chiropractic care helps keep your body aligned and your joints moving which can help prevent injury and keep athletes healthy while they perform. Below are a few examples of types of athletes we see regularly at Power of Life.

softball player

But First. What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a holistic form of healthcare that focuses primarily on your spine and nervous system, but many chiropractors also discuss nutrition, stress, movement, and other lifestyle factors that affect overall health. When your spine is aligned and moving it helps keep the joints, discs, and soft tissues of your spine healthy. It also allows for proper nerve communication between your central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and your peripheral nervous system (muscles, organs, glands, skin, etc.) which helps with overall function and health.

1) "The High School Athlete"

We see many high school athletes every week at Power of Life... especially kiddos that play hockey, football, and basketball. Hockey and football are high-impact sports which obviously puts a lot of stress on athlete's muscles including head, neck, and shoulders. In our area, many hockey and basketball athletes play year-round which adds accumulated stress over time and can cause more chronic injury. High school athletes in general spend most of their time in school (sitting) and then very active at practice, games, and tournaments. This extreme between sitting for long periods of time and then being very active can set-up a lot of muscle tightness and pain, especially in the hips and low back.

2) "The Runner"

We all have the 'one friend' who is always training for a 5K, marathon, iron man, tough mudder, or other running event. Running leads to a lot of accumulated stress on all your joints, from your feet your neck. Most commonly runners struggle with ankle, knee, and hip problems. Many runners have also been running for decades which makes proactive chiropractic care even more important.

3) "The Pickleballer"

Full-disclosure, I love pickleball and play weekly. It's a great way for adults to stay active and social, but it can lead to injury just like any other activity. Many people who play pickleball play for many hours a week (which is great!) but it also means that proactive care including stretching, muscle work, chiropractic, etc. is extra important. Shoulder, elbow, knee, and ankle issues are most common with pickleball athletes.

Chiropractic care is a great resource for athletes both proactively or with athletes struggling with an injury. Call today to get scheduled for a chiropractic intake appointment. 952-443-9000.

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