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Lifetime Family Wellness! Why Chiropractic Wellness Care Should be a Priority For Your Family.

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

What is health? Is health the absence of a major medical diagnosis? Is it an "ok" after an annual physical? Is it "feeling good"? Think about it... how are you defining your family's health?

I think about health like a bowl. The bigger your bowl, the greater your possibility for holding health. Everyday you are either adding health or taking health from your bowl. I like this metaphor because it illustrates the concept of "adaptability" when it comes to our health... the less full your bowl, the less you'll be able to adapt when something goes wrong.

I'm not sure about you, but I want the biggest, fullest bowl possible. Why just survive when you can THRIVE? That's why I love Chiropractic.

Most of western medicine is aimed at stopping or slowing the leak from our 'bowl of health' and it's generally REACTIVE in nature. Obviously that's important however there is so much more that can and should be done.

Chiropractic care harnesses your body's inborn, innate ability to adapt, heal, and grow to increase the size of your bowl. That means a greater potential for health and better adaptability. Chiropractic alongside a healthy lifestyle helps produce resilient, thriving, healthy children, parents, and families. That is why our clinic offers "family wellness plans", so that the whole-family has access to quality, affordable chiropractic care.

If you and your family have never experienced chiropractic care, you can schedule an intake for as little as $49 - just give us a call and mention this article. 952-443-9000.

Get started right away!

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