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Bed-wetting, Ear Infections, and Chiropractic

If you’ve read our blog articles before, you know that neurologically-based chiropractic care is not only great for helping with pain, but also improves overall system function. Our adjustments help your nervous system communicate and work correctly which helps you as a WHOLE person heal and function better.

MY STORY- Bed Wetting

My first trip to the chiropractor occurred when I was 7 years old and was a referral from my family Medical Doctor (MD) for “bed-wetting”. For the prior several months I struggled to wake-up in time to make it to the bathroom at night. It was embarrassing to me and frustrating for my parents. My MD had heard from a couple of his other patients that chiropractic had helped their kids with bedwetting so he recommended we start there. I’m so glad he did.

My chiropractor (Dr. Bolte) examined my spine and found an issue that could be causing problems with nerve communication to my bladder. After several adjustments, my bed-wetting was noticeably better and ultimately gone a couple months after starting chiropractic care.

MY STORY- Ear Infections

As a young kid, I struggled with chronic ear infections. If you've ever had an ear infection, you know that they can be painful, annoying, stubborn, and have lasting consequences. Like many kids, my parents brought me to the medical doctor and I was prescribed antibiotics (which may or may not relieve the symptoms). This happened 2-4 times a year for many years. I shudder when I think about how many courses of antibiotics I was prescribed! Let's just say, the antibiotics weren't 'fixing' anything.

Around the time I started seeing Dr. Bolte, my parents also noticed a decrease

in sinus and ear congestion. While at first, we didn’t connect the dots between chiropractic care and less ear infections, I later came to realize that chiropractic adjustments make a HUGE difference in my sinus and congestion symptoms.


Chiropractic is safe, effective, and corrects the underlying PROBLEM... not the symptoms! This means that chiropractic care helps kids stay dry at night and ear infection- free by improving nervous system function rather than immediately resorting to powerful antibiotics and surgery which can have lasting side-effects. Chiropractic should be the FIRST option!

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