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Back to School Health! -by Dr. Nathan Servey DC, Victoria MN Chiropractor

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Back to School time is upon us (ready or not) and many of our families are busy fitting in last minute vacations, visiting schools and orientations, starting football practice, preparing for tryouts, and picking out new shoes and other school supplies. For many, it also means getting back into a regular routine. The good news is, this is the PERFECT time to establish good, healthy, productive routines from the START!

These routines should include 1) setting an appropriate bedtime, 2) finding time for exercise, and 3) scheduling regular chiropractic adjustments for the whole family. Over time, these routines turn into habits which can make a HUGE difference in terms of health, happiness, productivity, and quality! That's (one of) the reasons why all of us at Power of Life are so PASSIONATE about Chiropractic and health! It's ALSO the reason why we offer significantly discounted Family Plans to make care more affordable so the whole family can participate! Just ask us at your next appointment.

If you haven't already, find a time that works with your schedule and set-up a standing adjustment appointment according to your treatment plan recommended by the doctors. If you are uncertain of how often you should be getting adjusted, please ask us at your next appointment! Your Body (and Mind!) will THANK YOU!

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