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Are You 'Plugged In' to Your Health? By Dr. Nate Servey, Victoria MN Chiropractor

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Every single cell in your body, every organ, every tissue, every system, every process, is 'wired' to your nervous system and ultimately... your BRAIN. A useful analogy is to think of our body like a phone being charged.

Our BRAIN is like the power outlet. It supplies the input that keeps our body functioning like it should. The input that helps the body adapt, heal, and grow.

Our NERVOUS SYSTEM (ie: spinal cord, other nerves) is like the phone charger... it transmits the input from point-A to point-B. In this case our brain to everywhere in our body.

Our BODY (ie: every cell, organ, tissue, process) is like the phone. We want POWER! We want it to function effortlessly, quickly, and without problems!

We have BILLIONS of nerves in our body. Billions of wires connecting brain to body. Due to stress, injury, and trauma it is very common that some of these nerves get "unplugged" from the brain causing cells, organs, tissues, and processes to 'lose power'. This can result in pain, muscle loss, digestive problems, immune system dysfunction, hormone disbalance, and virtually ANYTHING to not function correctly. Neurologically-based Chiropractic Care aims to find and 'reconnect' the wires so that we can live and function at 100%.

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