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ADD/ADHD: There IS a Better Way! by Dr. Nathan Servey, your Victoria, MN Chiropractor

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

ADD and ADHD are epidemic in this country. They are rampant in our community, our schools, our colleges, and our hospitals and clinics. You likely know a child (or adult) who struggles with focus, has difficulty with their mood, and has behavioral issues which are common symptoms of these conditions. Unfortunately, these kids and their parents are taught that medications such as Ritalin and Adderall are the only option, or even the best option. But THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS! Options that are less invasive and have less harmful side-effects. After all, ADD and ADHD are NOT a result of a deficiency of Adderall, but rather a problem with overall nervous system function.

ADD and ADHD medications increase focus because they "speed" up the neurological processes of the body by adding outside chemicals to the body. In our clinic, we use neurologically-based chiropractic care to remove nerve interference in the nervous system which allows your body to communicate and function optimally, often without the need for prescription medication. When your brain can communicate better with your body, not only is your body healthier but your BRAIN is more healthy too!

We see kids (and adults) with ADD and ADHD every week in our office, many of whom have been able to avoid, decrease, or wean off their medication because they are able to FUNCTION better through neurologically-based chiropractic care!

Our wish for you and all the kids, teens, and students in your life is for them to express health from within, without the need for outside drugs. Not only can these medications have severe side-effects, but they can also be habit-forming and are often abused, sold, or shared with friends.

So how can you help? First, please share this article with the moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, and neighbors in your life. Many people don’t even know there are other options when it comes to ADD and ADHD. Second, visit our website to learn more about how chiropractic care can benefit you and your family’s health. Lastly, be an advocate for kids with ADD and ADHD. Next time you hear a parent or child talking about someone struggling with ADD or ADHD, recommend trying neurologically-based chiropractic care. Let them know they have options. That there IS a better way.

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