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How to Make 2018 the Healthiest Year EVER by Using the "Givers Gain" Philosophy: Dr. Natha

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

"Givers Gain". That is the philosophy of BNI, a nation-wide networking group I am a member of as well as a basic, universal law of energy. You may have heard it said other ways."You reap what you sow". Karma. "What goes around comes around". The premise is, if you want something (whether it be money, love, health, friends, etc.) YOU should be giving that same-thing to others. For example, if you want more money you should focus on donating money freely to charity or worthwhile causes. More friends? Focus on improving and being more open with your current friendships and relationships. The same principle applies to your health!

Share Health and Become More Healthy

In 2018, focus on genuinely encouraging everyone around you to put their health first. Invite your friends to your favorite gym or yoga studio. Be "that person" that brings healthy options into the office or to the party. Educate loved-ones on why they should see a chiropractor. By encouraging those around you, without judgement, to be healthier, you will find that health and wellness comes to you more easily. Too many people hide their "health and wellness secrets" from their coworkers and family out of fear of being judged. This can form an unhealthy relationship with your health and wellness. Instead, embrace it, and watch the changes unfold.

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