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On Track to Better Health: By Dr. Nathan Servey, Victoria, MN Chiropractor

Have you ever been so "in the zone" that when something shocks you back into consciousness you look around at your life and wonder "How did I get so off-track?"? Maybe you're shocked to discover that you haven't been to the gym in the past month or used your kitchen to make 'actual' food for weeks. Sometimes it's been months or YEARS since you've been under routine chiropractic care.

Trust me... I've been there. The important thing is that we re-engage. That we don't give-up. That we keep starting.

It can be easy to "let things go" during busy and stressful times. That's not necessarily a bad thing. But what are you giving up? Are you giving up productive and healthy things or stressful and negative things?

For example, giving-up your daily morning workout so you can stay up late at night working is counter-productive. Instead, take a look at how you spend your time and ask yourself, "Is this helping or hurting me?".

Track how you spend your time for 1-week.

For example, yesterday I...

Woke-up at 5:15. Showered. Got ready. Made a protein/veggie shake and coffee. Drove to clinic and adjusted from 7-10am. Drove home and made a HUGE salad. Worked-out for 45-min. Ran errands for 2 hours. Fussed around the house from 3-5pm. Made dinner. Had a meeting from 6:30-7:30. Watched TV from 7:30-9:30pm. Went to bed.

Do that every day for a week. In my experience, people are amazed at how many pockets-of-time they have throughout the day where they can accomplish a lot of really productive and meaningful things like working out, reading a book, meditating, making healthy meals, calling a friend, and (of course) visiting your chiropractor! 15-min a day of these things can make a truly meaningful impact on people lives and health. It's true, sometimes a bigger life change is required. However the important step is that you re-engage and prioritize you and your family's health.

-Dr. Nate Servey DC

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