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3-Tips to Encourage Your Spouse to Participate in Their Health- by Dr. Nathan Servey, your local Vic

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

I hear it EVERY...DAY.

"My husband has awful low back pain but he won't do anything about it."

"My wife gets really bad headaches a couple times a week. She just takes a few ibuprofen and they go away."

My response is always the same, even if they don't have blatant symptoms, they should get their spine and nervous systems checked. Of course, most of my patients know this and have already told their spouse (usually over-and-over again) that they should come-in and get checked. If you are in this situation, check out my 3-tips to gently encourage your significant health to make THEIR health a priority.

Tip #1: Invite them to accompany you to your next appointment

Telling someone to go to an unknown place, with unknown people, and unknown expectations can be overwhelming. Inviting them along takes some of the "mystery" out of the experience. In fact, I ENCOURAGE my practice member's to bring their families in to the office with them!

Tip #2: Educate on VALUE vs. cost

Sometimes people get "hung-up" on spending money on their health. They think, "I pay for health insurance so why should I have to pay for anything else?". The truth is, health insurance is just that... INSURANCE. You have insurance on your car; but you still invest money on gas, oil changes, filters, bulbs, car washes, alignments, etc. so that your car runs smoothly and lasts a long time which ultimately saves you money.

You have insurance on your house, but you still invest in your house for repairs, remodels, cleaning, maintenance to protect and optimize your investment. The same is true for your health... and EVEN MORE SO. Unlike a car or house, we only get 1-body. Chiropractic is all about promoting health from within. You are worth the investment. I am worth the investment. They are worth the investment.

Tip #3: Focus on the things they love

My favorite thing in practice is when chiropractic allows people to get back to their lives and the things they love. This includes: eating at their favorite restaurant, playing hockey, sitting in a car for work-trips, snowmobiling, lifting weights, playing with their kids and grandkids, going to work, and volunteering at their local church. The list goes-on.

When people stop doing what they enjoy, they give-up part of their life. Don't let them! Point-out how silly it is (at any age) to give something up without first supporting the body through chiropractic.

Bonus Tip: Set a good example

Ultimately, your health needs to come first. When you invest in yourself (health, relationships, attitude, etc.), you demonstrate to yourself and those around you, your commitment to being your best. And THAT... is contagious.

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